Welcome to 2018!

First off--our deepest thanks to all who came out in December to our annual Winterdance shows. With sold out venues and standing ovations, you warmed our hearts, and together we shook off the cold dampness of the dark season. Our fans are the BEST, and you are all part of our extended trad-music family. Happy New Year!

Looking forward, we hope to see you all again in 2018. In that regard, here is just a taste of some of the places we'll be appearing in the first part of 2018. Details will be added to our web calendar and emailed to our list as they solidify. Cheers!

San Luis Obispo, CA 
Fremont, CA 
Arcata, CA 
Pistol River, OR 
Pacifica, CA 
Pacific Grove, CA 
Felton, CA 
Sacramento, CA 
Chico, CA 
Ashland, OR 
Tualatin, OR 
Monroe, OR 
Salt Lake City, UT